Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is fast becoming an ideal year round destination. The superb coastline combines natural unspoilt beauty with romance, legends and thousands of years of history blessed with seemingly endless sunshine, it enjoys one of the mildest and healthiest climates in the world. With an average of six hours winter sunshine per day, temperatures are often in the seventies and the warm sea temperatures make this an ideal winter destination.

Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers, mid May to early October are hot & dry. The hottest months are July & August, when temperatures can reach 35 degrees C.  Spring & Autumn are warm & pleasant, with the coldest months being January & February. The average annual temperature is 20 degrees C.  It rains between November & March, with the heaviest rains in January & February.

Basic Facts about the Country

Cyprus is the Mediterranean's third largest island, located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Turkish: Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti) is situated on the north side of Cyprus. The TRNC is 3,355 km². Official  language of the country  is  Turkish  but English is widely spoken. The capital of the TRNC is Nicosia (Lefkosha). Population of the TRNC is approximately 264,172 according to the census held in 2006. 99% of the country is literate.


Anglican Church services are held in Famagusta .


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